Album “Litvak art in private Lithuanian collections”

Jerusalem of the North together with Lewben Art Foundation, Lithuanian Expatriate Art Foundation and the law firm Valiunas Ellex have released a new art album “Litvak art in private Lithuanian collections”. This book is the only one in Lithuania, which has a broad and comprehensive overview of the Litvak painting, graphics and sculpture works from the private collections in Lithuania. The album covers more than 150-year period: starting from the mid of 19th century with the first Litvak artists Mark Antokolski and Moishe Maimon, who already got famous in the Russian Empire, and concludes with contemporary authors like Augustinas Savickas, Adomas Jacovskis and Solomonas Teitelbaumas, that are continuing the Litvak art traditions.
The compiler dr. Vilma Gradinskaitė acquaints readers with the artists who were born and lived in the territory of Lita, many of whom studied at the drawing school of Vilnius.
The publication presents 44 Litvak artists and about 250 works of art, the majority of them had not been exposed to the public before. The album contains the biographies of the artists, all – in two languages, both Lithuanian and English.

We are happy to send the album as a gift for our major sponsors and friends. Please, contact us for details by





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