About us

LITVAK WORLD is a private initiative, established in 2011 as a non profit "Jerusalem of the North", implementing cultural and educational projects related to the Litvaks'​ heritage. We unite those with family roots in Lithuania, who cherish their family stories, who are eager to know more about their ancestry, who enjoy discovering hidden shades of their identity.
Our vision is that people will be free of national stereotypes, curious about their cultural differences, feeling safe and peaceful with each other.
Our mission is to shed light on the hidden heritage of the Litvaks' civilisation so that everyone would benefit from enriching his personal identity, or family story, or knowledge of history, thus shaping the peaceful future.

Antanas J. Zabulis

Chair of the Board

Jerrold Zoloto


Anna Avidan


Rolandas Valiunas

Board member

Ricardas Jarmalavicius

Board member

Aleksandr Chernov

Board member

Gabija Stutaite

Team member

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