Hundred Synagogues of Vilnius

For centuries the abundance of synagogues in Vilnius was the hallmark of the local Jewish community and an essential constituent of the city. In those days synagogues were not just places of worship – they were also places where one would go to study religious texts or hold communal gatherings. They were essential to the community’s everyday life, and each practicing Jew attended a synagogue of his choosing. Generally, the choice of a synagogue was determined by close location or by interests, whether they were professional, cultural or political.

This map is an attempt to realize what the Hebrew Vilna and the Yiddish Vilne used to look like and discover the city’s past. The map localizes all the remaining sites and buildings of former synagogues without regard to their current purpose. Please mind that due to certain changes of the city’s layout some of the synagogues’ locations are approximate.
Dr. Jurgita Verbickienė

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