Ramunė Savickaitė was born in Vilnius, 1983, into a family of artists. Her grandfather, Augustinas Savickas, was a Lithuanian painter, art researcher and a lecturer at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Raimondas Savickas, Ramunė’s father, is a painter and founder of the Savickas Art Gallery and the Adult Art School, while her mother, Birutė Savickienė, is director of the gallery and the art school.
Ramunė grew up in an artistic environment: she spent a lot of her time in her grandfather’s and father’s studios as well as attended their exhibitions openings. From a very young age, she started painting, thought of painting titles, analyzed paintings and learned to give constructive criticism and artistic insight.
She also spent a lot of time in her grandmother’s Liza Savickienė’s marvelous garden. Being surrounded by this little nature’s nook resulted in Ramunė’s subsequent love for the flora: the motives of flowers and birds prevail in Ramunė’s paintings. In her works, Ramunė strives to create a sense of idyll and harmony, which evokes the audience’s most lucid and positive emotions as well as feelings of tranquility and melancholy. Aesthetics and sensibility in her paintings are the most important properties for Ramunė: the fragility of a flower petal, the mysteriousness of a road in winter, the atmosphere of night.
Ramunė graduated from the Vilnius Design College and received a degree in Apparel Design in 2007. In 2011 she graduated from the Savickas Art School. She also participated in the en plein air in Trakai organized by the Savickas Art School. Currently, Ramunė is an independent artist, she works together with her father, Raimondas Savickas, in a shared painting studio. She also works as a project manager at the Savickas Art Gallery.

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