Visit Litvak Memorial Garden in Zemaitija National Park

9 January, 2019

The charity and support foundation, named after the last Jewish from Plunge, folk artist Jakov Bunka, founded the Litvak Memorial Garden in Žemaitija National Park.

The contours of Lithuania here are marked by green shrubs. Apple trees made from metal by the folk artist Artūras Platakis “are sprouting” in the places where Jewish communities were destroyed. Litvaks from all over the world order them for their ancestors. Apples in the trees perpetuate families once lived in the communities. The Memorial Garden of Litvaks should become not only a monument to the destroyed Lithuanian Jewish communities, but it may also be an artwork having no analog around the world.

Address: Žemaičių Kalvarijos g. 51, Medsėdžių k., Plunge district
Žemaitija National Park website.

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