Have you ever seen a map of Vilna synagogues?

22 January, 2017

For many ages Vilnius, the Jerusalem of the North, was famous for its significant number of synagogues. Do know how many synagogues were there?

Israeli and Lithuanian scholars have identified over 130 locations of the former synagogues of Vilnius. By publishing this map we intend to depict the scope of the pre war Jewish life in Vilnius, which is lost and can be perceived mostly by means of imagination. This map will serve as a visual cognition tool both for those who live or visit Vilnius, as well as for those who are exploring their family heritage away from Lithuania.

With deepest gratitude we would like to thank our expert from Israel, Dr. Vladimir Levin, the acting director of the Centre for Jewish Art (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) for close cooperation and sharing the results of his research.




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